I.L.T. Dance Classes

At I.L.T. Dance Studio we offer a wide variety of dance classes for all age groups and levels of dance. Whether you are just started out and learning the basics or an more advanced ballet student, we have qualified instructors that will take your dance to the next level. We offer dance classes in many different styles of dances including: ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary.

Why Take Dance Classes?

Students will strengthen cognitive-thinking skills, motor skills, and social skills through dance.
Your child will build self-esteem and confidence through dance.
Dance classes will stimulate creativity in students of all ages.
Weekly dance classes will provide a good source of physical fitness and exercise for you child.
Dance will stimulate aesthetic awareness and an appreciation for the beauty of dance and life.


After School Dance Programs


We pick up at the following schools: Gateway and Gateway Charter. School bus drop off from Treeline and Tortuga elementary. Ballet, Hip Hop / Jazz (Combo Class), Tap and Acrobatics classes. With after school dance programs your child has homework time, snack, crafts and games. Monthly Tuition – full time programs and we also offer family discounts.

Preschool Ballet/Tap

Pre Ballet/Tap

Ages 3-4

An introduction to tap and ballet in a more structured setting. Creative activities that challenge their motor skills, listening skills, and social skills through music, song and dance. The children will work on performing exercises that strengthen muscle and develop flexibility.


Ballet/Tap Level I

Ages 5-6

All students are encouraged to study Ballet because it is the foundation of all dance forms. All students are taught the importance of proper technique including body alignment, flexibility, and terminology. The class will consist of barre exercises, stretching, adagio, petite and grand allegro.

Ballet Tap

Ballet/Tap Level I

Ages 8-12

Ballet for this age group focuses on the same basic concepts that are covered in our Teen/Adult classes. There is less traditional barre work and more independent movement. Balance, hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, age appropriate stretches, basic positions of the feet and arms, the concept of parallel vs. turned out legs and feet, and ballet class etiquette are part of the curriculum. Students learn ballet terminology. The last 20 minutes of the class goes int basic Tap steps and focus strongly on music count.


Ballet/Tap Level II

Ages 8-12

Ballet for this age group reinforces the basic concepts learned in Ballet I and then gradually moves the students into the traditional ballet class format of barre followed by center exercises. The process is gradual to ensure that students develop their muscles correctly and do not force turnout. Moving in time with the music becomes more important, as well as memorization of ballet terminology. Character dance steps are incorporated into classes. More complex combinations are given as students progress.

Teen Ballet Level III

Ages 13+

Barre and center combinations move faster, and become more complex than they were in Ballet. Different rhythms are introduced. Turnout based on individual ability and strength continues to be emphasized along with posture and core strength. More types of pirouettes and jumps are learned. Proper placement is reinforced by students applying those concepts to the exercises and movements they learn. Head and arm movements are coordinated and synchronized. Memorization of steps and musicality are further developed. The historical and social context of specific ballet movements is explained.

En Pointe

En Pointe

Ages 13+

This class is for the advanced Ballet student. To ensure each student’s safety, the first class will consist of an evaluation which will enable the instructor to determine if each individual has the necessary training to dance En Pointe without the risk of injury or deformation. A student will need to exhibit the technical skill necessary to align her muscles and bones perfectly over the toes of her support leg (an area approximately one square inch in size).

Prospective Pointe Dancers will not be turned away from the class if the instructor judges that they are not yet able to dance En Pointe. Rather, students will be presented with the option to remain in class where they will be guided through the training that is requisite in order to safely achieve Pointe.

teen tap

Teen Tap

Ages 13+

Basic tap steps to progressions and terminology are built upon each week. Class consists of warm-up, tap-technique, progressions and routines. Student’s ability to understand and count music will be enhanced.

hip-hop jazz


Ages 13+

A funky, modern upbeat class that teaches students basic jazz technique, along with sharp and smooth movements. Dancers will learn choreography and develop coordination, rhythm and flexibility in a high energy class.



Ages 13+

A contemporary class combining the form and function of technique (pairing earthy/grounded concepts of modern dance with ballet and popular dance styles) with an inventive movement vocabulary. This multi-level class is comprised of: center barre work in parallel and turned out positions-emphasizing clean technique and alignment, across the floor combinations, and class combinations that are added weekly. Music selections span eras and styles.

Note: Students must currently take Ballet Level III class as a requirement.

When I dance, I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole, that is why I dance. -Hans Bos